What we are about

We offer sewing classes for both children and adults.

We sell quality clothing for children and adults(ladies). Our collection also includes clothing flavored with African prints. Beauty laced with modesty is characteristic of our brand. We also sell accessories such as Headbands, Clutches, Scrunchies, Face Masks, and soft furnishes.

You can register for our sewing classes by clicking on the registration link.

You will learn how to draft  basic flat patterns of the different blocks such as bodice block, skirt block, dress block, sleeve block and dart manipulations.

Basic Smocking

You will learn how the smocking pleater operates, how to insert the needles and how to embroider on the smocked pleats.

Coming soon!

PDF Sewing Patterns

You will learn about PDF sewing patterns: 

What to look for before downloading the pdf pattern, printing, how to tape the pieces and cutting.