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Image by yabayee from Pixabay
My name is Hurry 
I live in Muddy Curry 
I mop my top 
but what do you think I am? 

I am a Bee 
with tee 
in my feet. 
I dress 
but make a mess 

I sleep 
and also weep 
in deep sleep 

I am cute 
but mute 
because I'm a Bee. 

© 2017 Abasimi Ekpott

This poem was written by my daughter when she was eight years old. She says the poem isn’t as good as she thought when she was younger. She’s older now and has critiqued the poetry. We laugh about how funny the verses are: Why does the bee have to be mute on earth? Bees aren’t silent creatures, they’re a noisy lot, but despite her thoughts on her poem, she has refused to change it. She prefers to leave it to remind the embers of poetry trying to light in her.

As a mama, I decided to put it up on my blog to remind myself never to stop learning keep refining those skills.

The moment you stop, the blades of your skills will become dull!

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