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Image by Karelien Kriel from Pixabay
Money, the master
To teach or not to 
Will it be the truth? 
Will its concept ruin her? 
What will she prefer? 
Will it have a grip on her? 
Will she understand its laws? 
That it can be flawed. 

Can she hold on tight 
but loosely at the same time? 
Do I understand what a master it is? 
She shouldn't fall for its kiss. 
Oh, she'll definitely have to fight. 
But in time, she'll resign 
her faith to the divine. 

Oh, I should let you know, 
with a focus on you to grow 
that it is a master, 
a hard taskmaster 
and sometimes ruthless. 
For such a master, 
you cannot trust 
Under its feet you become dust. 

Nonetheless, it must be conquered. 
Oh, that she might be honoured 
and others too, 
who triumphantly blew 
the trumpet and danced to the tune 
of a superior Master. 

© August 2020, Joana Ekpott

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