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In this season of loadshedding, it can be discouraging to enjoy sewing if one doesn’t have any form of backup electricity.

Vintage hand-crank sewing machines are an excellent way for you to keep at your sewing. It does not require electricity or a motor for it to function. The machines sew as one turns the handwheel. We have a bonus lesson introducing you to the basics of a vintage hand-crank sewing machine. The image above is a Singer 99K sewing machine.

Vintage sewing machines are easy to operate and durable because the parts are all metals, which are heavy to carry. Vintage sewing machines are also easy to service; you only need to oil and keep them clean regularly!

Another vintage machine excellent for load shedding is the treadle sewing machine which is mechanically powered by a foot pedal, known as the treadle, generated by upward and downward movements by the operator’s foot/feet. The image below shows a Singer 27K Sphinx model treadle sewing machine.

Treadle Singer Sewing Machine | Collectors Weekly